Simple Singh ( my new comic series )

Simple Singh is a regular IT guy . He spends his day from 9 to 6 in office typing weird looking sentences known as code if ( true){ print( ” true indeed ”… Continue reading

Glimpses of Goa

Hmm… so yea i went to Goa . Everybody does nothing new in there . But I guess what I probably did which most of us dont is to explore the lesser known… Continue reading

Bangalore Saga II – living it and loving it

Righto . First things first I ❤ coconut chutney . Now , Lets come back to my life # Bangalore. Weekdays start with a light casual jog in morning , idli vada dosa… Continue reading

Rohtang Pass

This post is meant to be my travelog on trip from Delhi to Manali and further till Rohtang Pass . Half the journey was really pleasant. Beautiful mountains hilltops and  waterfalls by the… Continue reading

Type of people u meet in Market

This is my funny take on the kind of people you come across in an typical India Bazaar ( market ) .

Banglore Saga I

Alright so now that I have left Delhi . it would be unfair to keep adding my thoughts to Delhi diaries so I’ve changed to a new unit in the book called ‘… Continue reading

Remembering Dilli

Most of Delhi is like any other metropolitan city with the sky kissing buildings , business towers , highways , MacDs etc . However what makes Delhi , Delhi is the lanes of… Continue reading

Delhi Diaries 3

perhaps this would be the last of my Delhi diaries saga since I am shifting to Bangalore in couple of weeks .  However as I leave I have a lot of things to… Continue reading

what is the day ? Birthday

Trust me when I say this , I have been trying to write this blog since almost a year now . It’s about my last birthday 2013 , when I wanted to express… Continue reading

Cook something up !

So its evidently clear this post is cooking and food . I always loved the crunchiness of fresh vegetable . My family always had some fresh fruits and veggies growing in the kitchen… Continue reading