Bikaner , Rajisthan


A typical hot town of Rajisthan ( a state part of Thar dessert )  , where the temperature rises to 40 degree and above on a normal sunny day and dips to 10 degree in the night ( heat properties of sand ) . It is this place that I did my schooling of 6th and 7th standard from and learned a thing or two about survival in the dessert . Also chased wild camels jumping across sand dunes , and the delicate flowers growing among thorny cactuses.

Lets try and focus where this place really is ..

Screenshot from 2013-05-06 16:13:32

Ahh well.. here we go . It is this tiny town in the  Land of royals

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The weather si mostly dry and soil is sandy . Vegetation is mostly short shrubs  and cacti .

The very famous , Chuha Mandir… one can see the bats hanging upside down …


The temple belongs to the goddess Karni Devi and has around 200 rats inside it freely roaming about .In the picture below a rural Rajisthani man in front of goddess idol

Bikaner 65


Picture below is a family pic taken at Raja Man Singh palace ,

Bikaner 2


In the hot months of summer in the Thar desert , there is a camel carnival festival  wherein , camels from all over the country are brought and exhibited , beautified and raced .  Here I am with my young sister striking a pose in the fair .