A story

Al right folks  , no philosophical , artistic touch here , I am just trying to familiarise with the blog world . Ofcourse I’d begin with something I know best .. and that would be Me :p …


Lets begin with the prominent people  , my parents . Here they are , waiting eagerly for me

.Jhansi 1

So then , here I was born , in Jammu and Kashmir , a fine month of September , just before snowfall in Kashmir .
In this picture , very small ,  probably couple of weeks old .. with Mom … ❤
Jhansi 3

Years later….  eventually I had to to grow up and  be school ready ( Ohh.. How I wish Peter Pan was true 😦 ) , hence this

Altanai 19

Life was pretty fun … less of school and more of play . Then suddenly before I had a clue there was this little girl ,  my sister !! Took me a little while to absorb and understand … Ofcoures eventually loved her  dearly .. In this Picture on her 2nd or 3nd birthday
Altanai 24
Alright I said to myself , the more the merrier .. and with that motto , I continued with this thing called life .. And then came this little fella , who now , is is the apple of my eye .
Altanai 33
He was this tiny little human who’d cry a lot and sleep a lot , well you see babies look immensely adorable when you see them in someone else’s care but tiny monsters they are when you have to do it all yourself .
Now here we are , all 3 of us , looking as innocent as we possibly could .