Ferozpur , Punjab

Screenshot from 2013-05-06 17:48:39 Zooming in –> Screenshot from 2013-05-06 17:50:12.. so that red balloon is the small town of an Indian state called Punjab , which also happens to be where i did my 11th and 12th standard of school from .

whats good about this place ? Does it deserve to have enough significant impact

on my life that i spend an entire day about of my hectic life now , and write a blog on it ?

I guess yes .


Here why : when my dad got posted from the valley dehradun ( a city in Uttrakahand state ) to Ferozpur , I felt as if I have shifted to a refugee camp , for the reasons that 1st it has a great proximity to not so friendly neighboring country and 2nd the places is almost 1/10 th of dehradun !



Nevertheless I fondly recall the days i spend at

gurudwaras ( temple of sikhs ) , eating butter chicken naan , learning punjabi , listening to local singers  jazzy B etc . 






During my school tenure I took to sports , parade leader , inter-school , projects , debates competition etc . My mom still fiddles as where to put up my cups and medals in the living room !!!


Ofcourse for evidence sake i will add some pictures here ,

pic8Alongside , medal for javelin throw ..pic12

Parading my house with the yellow flag .





won best athlete award on sports day.









On Independence day :


There were many more occasion like , wining physics project competition for ” satellite irrigation ” , farewell day ,  chit-chat at school canteen , chemistry lab mysteries , so many instances when life was meaningful and beautiful … ive lost the pictures somewhere while shifting houses and cities since my dad gets posted out every 2 years from one place to another , however memories r still vivid in my mind , and i shall cherish them forever .


PS : if you go that side , be sure to visit hussianiwala border , the evening flag down ceremony is breathtaking .