Yamuna Express Highway


I was wondering whether I should name this blog Agra or Taj mahal or Fatehpur , but then it occurred to me the drive to the destination  was more magnificent that the destination itself , hence the name of the expressway to the blog .

Sensibly enough we started 6ish in the morning on Saturday , hoping to be back the same day.


Ofcourse when do trips go as planned ! Though its a beautiful highway , immensely picturesque , it does not have the street lamps for night travelers . Yes u heard me right . So now fro some body in car its not a very big deal , but bikers can get hell of a scare  … thus the trip extended for a day more .


Below is TAJ Mahal standing tall and white in all its Splendor. Magnificent and remarkable  architecture with stones emeralds imported from as far as Russia on north , Malaysia on east and Iran on west to decorate .


After the breath taking seen of Taj mahal everything else looks a little less in grandeur , yet the to Agra fort wasn’t a disappointment , the the walls decorate with intricate carvings and area well planned with stable for horses , kings court , houses fro queens , minsters  , gardens etc .


IMG_20130729_111715 IMG_20130729_111926 IMG_20130729_112005 IMG_20130729_112121

The place tells stories of kings and their administration fair and unfair , of Queens and their lives spend inside the fort premises. The army which fought with swords and arrows while invaders fought with guns  and canyons .

IMG_20130729_112311 IMG_20130730_075814 IMG_20130730_121026



Peeking out the window from  Mahal of Jodha Bai , one of Akbar’s favorite queens.

Chishti’s tomb , Akbars guru was entombed in here , along with few other generals from his army . The places also has a door named Buland Darwaza which has a view of the city from a cliff .

IMG_20130730_121500 IMG_20130731_035023 IMG_20130731_063437  Walking around the square Perimeter of Dargah’s compound , I found different sections decoarted with different styles of carvings and all new deigns .
IMG_20130731_063616 IMG_20130731_081521 1st tries at a 5 storied building at Fort of Fatehpur and one below just before leaving back for home on Sunday . IMG_20130731_113830

Well thats it folks the battery went way too low to take any more pictures after this !! I need to add ” get a portable mobile charger” to my To-Buy-list for future trips ….   :p