Andaman and Nicobar islands



South in Indian Subcontinent , surrounded by waters of Indian Ocean , lies the beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar .

Water sapphire blue , beach pristine, and skies full with cotton like lofty clouds .   


Few shots i clicked with phone camera ( 3 Mp )  after a long journey to Andaman via water .sc3sc5sc4

As I settled in the Army Mess of Andaman,  looking at the shimmering ocean out my window became a usual sight . The moist smell of ocean and breeze blowing my hair away . making them a mess became a routine .The forthcoming month was spend doing nothing but relaxing on beach side , reading novels , picking shells on the beach , painting and utter relaxation .

Each day ,  a new breathtaking note of nature’s music ,

andaman n nicobar islands3Since I am at it , I can outline few things to do and places to see while you are at Andamans.

  • First on the list is to take the ferry ship to travel between the islands , it was a wonder for me to witness people and vehicles ( jeeps and cars alike ) , taking the ferry ship to reach one island from another .  With time I got used to the rocking of the boat .
  • Second would be to goto the fine sand beaches and take a swim in the water crystal clear.One has the options of motor boating , and scuba Diving ( I’d Strongly recommend the Scuba Diving – out of world Experience ).  andaman n nicobar islands
  • There is a Zoo with roaring Lions , and many many Aquariums with all imaginable fishes in hues and shapes .
  • One must attend is the Light and Sound show at Jail , where the Freedom Fighters were sentenced to for Life . It evokes deep sentiments for the brave soul and shakes up your conscience . Ahh … I remember I went home with watery eyes and fresh gush of respect for my revolutionaries . andaman n nicobar islands 4
  • On other Islands One could venture through the backwaters , in boat through the jungle , beware of the snakes hanging from trees and rope bridges so weak , you pray desperately they dont break while crossing .
  • there is a funny mud volcano , funny because it didnt at all turned out as I had imagined it to be , with lava and soot , Instead it was a gurgling pile of mud oozing hole atop a mountain . 263px-Map_of_Nicobar_and_Andaman_Islands-en.svg
  • The saw mill is a less known attraction , but very good . It has the machinery used for felling of tress , lumbering and the process afterwards , also the transportation through water channels , and a wooden work museum full of curious of various sorts like this skull of a animal in the picture above .
  • Its a rare sight but there are tribals in the southern island too , which can be spotted while travelling through the jungles sometime , If you are smart you can also spott their huts . But word of caution , the tribals dont take kindly to people photographing them, which they believe sucks a part of their soul .