The lake amid misty mountains …. the cool breeze , my scarf flies off … as I imprint the beautiful scene,  in my mind forever .  Its a wonder how such a big world fits into eyes so small .


Boating on a fine morning .. As I pay to the boatman for Shikara to take a round of the lake for an hour , I could see smoke rising from Chimneys , people getting ready with breakfast , I thought what could be a better morning in the world  .

DSC05696  DSC05464


As I felt the burning sun submerge in water, fireflies glowing like tiny tubelights  near the lakes  and the shimmering refection of the Mall Road lights upon the lake , I thought What could be a better evening .




Nainital is set in two parts, Tallital ( south ) and Mallital ( north ) , with the lake separating them.

I would advise one to definitely take the pain of reaching up the adjacent mountain( suicide point and lovers point can be missed ) to see how the nanital lake looks from the hill top , in the shape of a mango . 

I also liked the Eco-caves which are a set of 7 underground caves , almost like a underground network of tunnels , fun to explore . The snow point was a disappointment since there wasn’t any snow there or visible from there . But I guess the shooting balloon part made up for that there . There was an old church which I sadly couldnt visit given the fact that i found it closed both in the afternoon as well as evening on Saturday.


Nanitaal however is one of the four Lakes of Kumaon hills; the other three lakes are the Sattal Lake, the Bhimtal Lake and the Naukuchiyatal Lake. 



The Forests are laden with willow , pine and deodar trees  and the mornings are foggy in winders . Sun usually appears like a blurry ball of warm light  and lake like a beautiful emerald .

While in Nanital one must talk a lazy walk on the mall road in evening and reflect on the simple joy of cool wind blowing through your hair . The naina devi temple on the lakeside , bengali fish restaurant , boat-ride in the early morning wee hours  are few things that made my trip special .



I recall the magical Naukuchiyatal Lake which was a bit ahead of Nanitaal , but totally worth it . The recollection of the lake with its crystal clear water reflecting the lush green mountains enclosing it , send a refresh command to my brain .



DSC06324editedNow this place has a big dam near to the railway station where we had to spend 5 hours since we ran out of options in the morning and the train was to come around evening .

So after storing the luggage at the cloak-room we headed towards the dam which was barely a kilometer away .DSC06322edited

Truly there wasn’t much except for a bunch of kids diving into the water from the Dams bridge,a chaanawal ( person who sells roasted pulses with finely chopped tomatoes ,onions and chili ) and some cool water to dip my tired feet in .  I don’t much remember how i spend the next 4 hour , reflecting on childhood memories , looking at birds , throwing pebbles in water , but i do remember how i felt , WONDERFUL.