Cook something up !

dun trip 2013 aprilSo its evidently clear this post is cooking and food . I always loved the crunchiness of fresh vegetable . My family always had some fresh fruits and veggies growing in the kitchen garden .



Green leafy spinach , sparkling radish , cabbage , some more from here and there ( 2 bringals one raw one ripe , 3 lady fingers ) fresh from garden .


Tiny tomatoes  , just about time for tomato soup .

My love of food combined with love of gardening created  another fondness as I grew up ” the love of cooking”.

I am going to pen 2 of my all time favorite recipes .

  • 1. Vegetarian Pasta , Indian Style
  • 2. Chicken Momos

Lets look at cooking Pasta . Its very simple actually .

Ingredients :

what ever you think you can add to pasta ( ranges from cheese to veggies )

Process : 



  1. wash and cut vegetables
  2. Boil pasta in pan . after they swell up . throw the excess water and keep them aside to cool.
  3. Put everything you collected earlier in ingredients section to pan . add oil , salt and black pepper.
  4. you can add fancy spices such as oregano , rosemary leaves , chilies flakes etc too . I like adding cumin seeds .
  5. add pasta . cook for few minutes till you can resist it no longer .
  6. Eat …. nomm nomm !!!

second in the queue , Chicken Momos .

Ingredients :

onion , garlic , ginger , cabbage

Of course they are never complete with the one essential ingredient .



Process : 

The process is simple and straightforward

  1. Chop the components such as onion . garlic , ginger , cabbage as finely as you can . They should be really really small .  Better yet grate it .
  2. Next Mix the filling and cook with chicken .  Remember Chicken must always be well cooked.
  3. Take the pre made dough . Oh I guess I should’ve added something about it in the ingredient section . Anyways  lets say you have the dough somehow. Now press them and make small circles
  4. Put the stuff on it and make really cute designs while closing it up ( spirals work for me )  . Make sure to pull the ends from all sides or they are going to open up while steaming .
  5. Arranged them all in the Momo make ( its just a steamer ) . Boil for about 20 minutes.
  6. Tada !!  Ready to be gobbled up .

cooking momos