what is the day ? Birthday

birthday delhi 2013

Trust me when I say this , I have been trying to write this blog since almost a year now . It’s about my last birthday 2013 , when I wanted to express my gratitude to my photography club friends , hostel friends , Colleagues and few more for making my birthday the best ever . But instead I just kept fiddling with it and lo behold another birthday is just around the corner hardly 1.5 months away .

Anyways I am posting this one here . Parts of this have been written at different times. The heading dating backing to ofcourse 22 sep 2013.

Morning 6 am :

I am confused , I was waiting for this day all throughout the year , but I am not as happy I had expected to be . It seems just like a regular day in my life . I have a photography class in the morning and perhaps I’ll goto the temple after this .

Noon :

birthday delhi 20131

Good I went to the temple . Its nice to tell the power above that I am happy and thankful . Feeling great. Time for some

Evening :

Waiting for something special .

Night :

Nop . Nothing special . Going to sleep . Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to cut  the cake .


So my birthday happened to fall on Sunday . My team couldn’t do the cake cutting ceremony on account of this . They did the party the very next day @ office cafeteria .

birthday delhi 20132


There was ofcourse the beautiful surprise by my roomies . A outing to a nice place and some fun. Coming back to the room to find the whole place decorated with colorful papers and balloons was the best thing ever .

birthday delhi 20133

Yes , all in all it was a birthday to remember 🙂

birthday delhi 20134