Banglore Saga I

Alright so now that I have left Delhi . it would be unfair to keep adding my thoughts to Delhi diaries so I’ve changed to a new unit in the book called ‘ Bangalore Saga ‘ . Like usual it describes my take on various things .  As I always say, ” there is lot of beauty of randomness”  🙂

So lets begin I left Delhi a month back almost Sep 23 and have spent  the last month trying to settle in ( involves  looking for room , renting it with paperwork , new bank account for new company etc ) . Now I feel at ease and have also begun exploring around involves markets , jogging park , chicken restaurants . Here are a few of the pics of process of making the room suited to my taste

 20141018_143027 Room before adding the notes on the wall DSC_0004
Room after adding the notes and books and reminder notes
20141026_124143     Kitchen area

Jewelry section :)

I spend Diwali here among my office colleagues and few nice friends .  All and all it was a quite affair given the fact that I am only one month old in the city and havn’t got my own gang yet . Although it rained cats and dogs that day I  managed to make most of it . Ofcourse I couldnt have a comfortable sleep that night owing to the sudden loud cracker explosion noises from the houses around 😦 .  Here are a couple of pics depicting my Diwali Celebrations 🙂




Fortunately for me the distance from my office to room is almost 1.5 km and there are plenty of eating joints around. The area itself is considered to be one of the happening places in Bangalore ( Indiranagar 100 feet road ) . I have a gurudwara , church and many temples nearby . I also have  around a dozen ( yes thats 12 ) primary schools around , its nice to see tiny kids going to school while I walk towards my office . I like being among kids somehow , make me feel like a giant Gulliver among tiny Lilliputs <* laugh *> .


About  office , well its definitely different from the corporate working environment of my previous office but I somehow like it better here . One of the plus points being I get to go  to office in jeans and chappals everyday almost :p . One of the best things is the open rooftop , where I have become fond of watching the sun set down with red , orange pink hues while I sip my extra strong ginger tea . Few of the sunset  pics captured at different times . ( I later figured out that its too beautiful those 3 minutes to spend fiddling with camera so I don’t force myself to take a photo everyday now 🙂