Rohtang Pass


This post is meant to be my travelog on trip from Delhi to Manali and further till Rohtang Pass .

Half the journey was really pleasant. Beautiful mountains hilltops and  waterfalls by the road side . We were stopping too often to click of this and that and there wee often stoppages anyways due to boulders/ trees  fallen on road  owing to storm the previous day .

Since we went in rainy – hot weather , the road was more or less without slippery snow but not untill heavy downpour began and boulders were slipping down on the road right ahead of us . Many times giving us a close scare .  Any ways the drive that was suppose to last 12 hours lasted almost 24 and finally we reached manali .

We were dead tired but really excited .. so he first day was spend sightseeing and clicking some awesome landscapes and ofcourse self .

The next day we packed our bags and headed ahead to go till the Rohtang Pass . Also touching Solang valley on the way . If I try to describe it in words it will be futile it was breath taking beautiful . Here are some pictures that show  what I mean.

Yes the sunset was awesome too ( we know mountains are known for their mesmerizing sunset points .