Bangalore Saga II – living it and loving it


Righto . First things first I ❤ coconut chutney . Now , Lets come back to my life # Bangalore. Weekdays start with a light casual jog in morning , idli vada dosa for breakfast , office work ( oh yea by the way I am building some awesome innovative API stuff with cutting edge technologies you can read more here) , coffee , more work , coffee , dance/ defense/ yoga class , work a bit more , cycle back to room munch anything stupid for dinner ( well err some days are biryani days when i gorge on mutton / chicken / mughlai / dum biryanis ) , while away time on my laptop , pack up and sleep . Yepp thats every single weekday has been in the last 3 months like more or less . Weekends arent much  different actually except when I go exploring whats around Bangalore .

Below are some pictures of various parts of Bangalore that I have covered so far . Lets begin with the very popular MG road and brigade road area. Well it is like Cannaught place of Delhi . It is i center , it is bustling with activity and all kinds of young crowd is around .

By the way did I mention that Bangalore is almost entirely covered with trees . Oh it is lovely . Tress majestically spreading their branches around . dont believe me . here find the proof in pictures

trees trees everywhere

Oh ofcourse besides this there are the awesome most wonderful parks in Bangalore

This is freedom Park . It has statues of some famous leaders and has a sample building depicting the jail and times of British Raj , When I went there it had a

Archs and sunset at Freedom Park

central library @ cubbon park

Well the building below doenst have significance as such but for the fact that’s it belongs to the famous vijay mallya  . It has a disc on top names Sky . A frind used to be the DJ there once . Hmm I oughta get back to my cool friends

UB city of Vijay Mallya

But besides all this there is another aspect to Bangalore . The cultural and traditional and everyday aspect. The beautiful colorful temples , morning puja , ladies clad in bright saries , flower market , streets filled with small small shops . Well this is is what gives the city its identity. Finishing with few pic depicting everyday life in Bangalore streets .

Flower market @ shivajinagar