Glimpses of Goa


Hmm… so yea i went to Goa . Everybody does nothing new in there . But I guess what I probably did which most of us dont is to explore the lesser known places as well . For example , How many of us went to the Kaju factory or did underwater diving at Grande Island ?! . Well here is my small compilation of places to see in Goa


1. candolium beach

Its probably the best beach in Goa . Its beautiful and peaceful . I enjoyed a delicious plate of Pomfret there .

2. Cola Beach

Good for spotting dolphins and a tour of the jail along the rocky beachside .

3. Calangute beach

good if you want to casually go for a walk or a jog .. gets too crowded in the afternoons and evening . Has a adjoining market . Finding people enjoying fenny and have a good time a common sight too .

4.Baga Beach

Place for surfing

5. Mandrem

oh my .. so many honey-mooners !


1.St. Francis Xavier

and the church in fromt of it

Adventure Sports

1. Deep Sea diving

2. Water Biking

Natures trial

1. Spice Garden

2. Bathing Elephants

3. Cashew (Kaju) Factory

Architecture and tradition

1. Streets

So as the name suggest , I kept a whole one day just to explore the streets and life at Goa . No fancy beaches or hangouts , just normal walking along the streets capturing what is real Goa like .  Here are few of my best shots , mostly architectures because they were very fascinating but some more from here and there too .

2. Olden times

Oh there is a village makeup which is of-course not real just a made up village scenario of how things used to be in olden times . I would say if you want to know how things were a couple of decade ago , please visit this place , it has replicas of normal day to day lives of people and a voice guided tour .

Aqua Life

1. Fishes

There were many fishes in Goa , some in the ocean , some in aquarium and some on my plate . well that was on a lighter part . Here are few of my best shots of interesting fishes I found .

2. Crabs

Well yea there were crabs too , these things detect motion too quick like  a person  approaching towards them to click a photo and hence run away to their hiding very quick , well nevertheless posting whatever I could get .

So all in all , Goa has much to offer besides beaches and parties . It is rich in biodiversity and marine . It also has many houses and buildings and houses which bear keen resemblance to old Portuguese tradition . When you goto Goa next time  be sure to observer more .