Delhi Diaries : The beginning …

March of 2012 …… and a new Girl in the city……. Delhi looked like a DREAM city for a small town girl ( i had only lived in army cantonments ). So here… Continue reading

When it rains cats&dogs

Its been awhile, actually its been nearly 3 weeks since I have wrote anything at all . Life is runnig out of time .. so quick so fast .. second after second …day… Continue reading

how not to study ..

while my board exams… it was a fight to focus on any one single thing…. given that so many things around me were crazily and dynamically changing and my world was  tumbling upside… Continue reading

Reminiscence of kindergarden days ( 1993 LKG – 1994 UKG )

Now , one has very little recollection of early days of school & much less of nursery and KG , however as a matter of fact this phase has the most lasting effect on our lives… Continue reading

In Nagaland

My Dad was posted to Nagaland while I was in 4th standard , I fondly remember my experience …. Nagaland is a lush green mountainous region , untouched by pollution , flocked by… Continue reading

All Girl’s School

Convent of Jesus and Mary , Dehradun , is where I have done my 8th , 9th and 10th standard from  “““““““““also its a all girl’s school !!! CJM as we lovingly call… Continue reading


This was the time when the trend was of a film camera  , unlike the digital ones today . The pictures were carefully clicked not to waste any one of those 32 precious frames in… Continue reading


This is the best place to head if you have no company and a little down on budget . Trust me you experience true adventurous , unlike none other . The river Ganges… Continue reading


***************************************** A city of lost forts and palaces in Rajisthan . It has a beautiful lake and palace near it ., I happened to stay in there and a breathtaking full moonlight night… Continue reading

Ferozpur , Punjab

 Zooming in –> .. so that red balloon is the small town of an Indian state called Punjab , which also happens to be where i did my 11th and 12th standard of school… Continue reading